Yenten; cryptocurrency of the cpu, by the cpu, for the cpu

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Welcome to Yenten Coin

Yenten is a cryptocurrency of the cpu, by the cpu, for the cpu. No ASIC mineable.

Technical specifications:

Algorithm: YescryptR16 (GPU is slower than CPU)
Block time: 2.0 minutes 
Max Block size: 2M 
Block reward of block #1: 50 YTN 
Total YTN: 84,000,000 YTN 
SubsidyHalvingInterval: 800,000 blocks 
Difficulty re-target: every block (DarkGravityWave v3-1) 
Premine: none 
P2P Port: 9981 
RPC Port: 9982

Download Wallet:

Version 3.1.0 win 64 bit -

Version 3.1.0 win 32 bit -

Version 3.1.0 mac - Yenten_3_1_0_Qt.dmg

Version 3.1.0 - Changes algorithm to YespowerR16 (Yespower-1.0, N=4096, r=16) - on and after 30 March, 2019 (UTC; unixtime:1553904000).


cpuminer-opt - download

Fast_yenten - quick and easy installation of a wallet - on github

Automatic installation Yenten wallet in folder c:\yenten with last blockchain. Fast run - 5 min.

Bootstrap Yenten (Download blockchain)

Sample miner bat file for mining Yenten coin:

cpuminer-sse2.exe -a yescryptr16 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS

Yenten pools:

Yenten faucet:

Block Exporers:

Exchanges BTC pair BTC pair MC pair BTC pair

Community links

Yenten forum

Yenten on Bitcointalk

Yenten on Reddit

Yenten on Twitter

Russian Forum

Discord channels

Solo mining:

create in data folder - file yenten.conf


In bat file cpuminer-opt

cpuminer-aes-sse42.exe -a yescryptr16 -o -u user -p x --coinbase-addr=WALLET_ADDRESS

Yenten GUI miner

Download -


1) Download Yenten GUI miner
2) Unpack gui miner
3) Run file "download_miner.bat" for download cpuminer-opt
4) Run "Yenten_gui_miner.exe" to start GUI miner
5) Fill in the fields and click button "start mining!".

Virus test:

This miner was created for beginners.


Yenten donate address for developers team:

YXandTfYjFC7fuR8h9aRCo5ZwAz4tvbvDL (bubasik)

YPf5UcG5gB1beJXK49h9aaycgg3H5SYSDW (ohashi3d)